Quest for success

As well as nurturing our services users, we also believe that each young person deserves to be listened to and supported in their quest to make positive choices in their lives. 

Inspira Care believes you have a voice and should be heard and supported. We strive to work with you at a realistic pace, which fosters your personal growth, building confidence, self-esteem, and emotional awareness. 

On your journey toward independence, we hope to provide you with the skills to make responsible decisions and to enhance your life skills.

Darwen House operates as per the leaving care standards and regulations, while also providing support to young people with MLD/ASD. Having qualified staff and working in partnership we are able to help young adults achieve sustainable independent living. Our definition of supported living refers to services that offer personal care to individuals as part of the support that they need to develop independent skills to live independently in the community. In contrast to the shared accommodations, each package of support is tailored to fit the needs of each individual.

We provide a safe nurturing environment for 16 to 18 year olds.

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In addition to tending to your needs at home, we firmly believe in empowering each young individual by lending an ear and offering unwavering support in their pursuit of positive life choices.

At Inspira Care, we champion your voice, ensuring it is heard and supported. Our approach is centered around realistic pacing, fostering your personal growth, boosting confidence, nurturing self-esteem, and cultivating emotional awareness. As you embark on the path to independence, we are dedicated to equipping you with the skills to make responsible decisions and enhance your overall life skills.

Darwen House adheres to leaving care standards and regulations, extending support to young people with MLD/ASD. With qualified staff and collaborative partnerships, we assist young adults in achieving sustainable independent living. Our concept of supported living revolves around providing personal care tailored to individual needs, facilitating the development of independent skills crucial for community living, distinguishing it from shared accommodations.
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Our service users

It is the belief of Inspira Care that everyone has the right to have the best opportunities to succeed. Our goal is to provide young adults with a range of support needs so that they can live a quality life, receive person-centered care, and develop skills for life.

As part of its support for young adults, Inspira Care offers care to young adults with:
Learning difficulties
Mental health issues
Leaving care
We are highly dedicated to empowering young adults from all walks of life and helping them to develop true independence. We offer a non-discriminatory, non-judgemental and holistic approach to support.